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Mat Avery

Senior Project Development Engineer - Geohazards, Director · +64 27 552 8306 ·

Mat Avery, Senior Project Development Engineer - Geohazards, Director

As a qualified Senior Engineer Geologist, Mat has extensive knowledge of the geotechnical industry; as both a consultant and construction engineer. Mat’s experience includes over 17 years’ working on geological and geotechnical infrastructure development, construction, and investigation projects throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. Mat spent six years as a consulting Engineering Geologist and over eleven in the specialist geotechnical construction industry working in areas as diverse as Fiordland, the Central Divisions of Fiji, and the rainforests of Queensland, Australia. Mat has been instrumental in the success of many of this country’s massive, recent rockfall and landslide projects, including the Kaikoura and Christchurch Earthquakes, the Manawatu Gorge Landslide, the SH94 Milford Road Rockfall, and the SH6 Diana Falls Landslide. As the Senior Project Development Engineer for GeoStabilization in New Zealand, Mat is responsible for sourcing, estimating, and winning new work, as well as design assistance on specialist projects. Meeting new clients, educating them on GeoStabilization’s capabilities, helping them solve complex geotechnical problems, and planning & implementing complex geotechnical construction projects are Mat’s strengths.

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