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Adam Chapman

Construction Manager, Director · +64 21 719 124 ·

Adam Chapman, Construction Manager, Director

Adam has expert knowledge of jet grouting, mass mixing, and other ground engineering technologies, as well as considerable experience in foundation engineering & piling in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. With over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry in New Zealand, the UK, and Europe, Adam has amassed a considerable quantity of skills and a significant amount of expertise. He has been involved in many large projects, such as piling and craneage operations, cofferdams, large-diameter gas and oil pipeline construction, tunneling, and large-scale retaining walls. Adam is highly experienced in deep soil mixing and jet grouting technologies, along with diaphragm walls and deep secant retaining structures usually carried out in tight, restricted urban areas. Other expertise includes earthworks, piling, large-scale excavation & road construction, rock bolt installation, sheet metal piling, bridge construction including excavation, piling & concrete works, civil project construction, concrete panel installation, and rail track construction. His wide-ranging skills are invaluable for any project or company requiring a manager who leads his teams by the strength of his knowledge. Adam believes in sharing his extensive knowledge & experience to guide the new generation of civil engineers through the challenges of complex engineering projects and install a sense of teamwork and safety within them.

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